Giving you valuable peace of mind

Safety in the workplace generally involves common sense and a collaborative effort from everyone. Whatever the environment, it is important that safety standards are respected and equipment and machinery are responsibly used. Some safety tasks, however, do need to be undertaken by specialists.

There are many electrical appliances guaranteed to be present in any place of business. No organisation operates these days without portable appliances such as computers, kettles, microwaves and so on. A great deal of workplace accidents are a result of unsafe portable electrical appliances. However, these accidents can be avoided if all equipment is checked and declared safe. We can provide comprehensive commercial PAT testing to keep your items functioning at their best and help to minimise the risk of accidents from faulty appliances or equipment.

Every employer wants their organisation to run smoothly and make a profit. By ensuring your electrical appliances are regularly tested, you can rest easy that you have fulfilled your legal obligations. Avoidable accidents cause unnecessary injury and damage to your business. Reputations cannot be restored as easily as furniture and machinery. Full implementation of a commercial PAT testing program ensures you avoid legal consequences and keep your insurance policies intact.

We will test all your class 1 items such as heaters and fridge freezers, along with your range of class 2 equipment. This includes vacuum cleaners, television sets, lamps and some audio equipment. You will never incur any hidden charges, and our competitive quotes never alter. We do not believe the cost of safety should be high, so we maintain low PAT testing prices. We make no charge for any required repairs discovered during testing and inspection. We will also replace damaged plugs, cables and faulty flex and fuses, completely free of charge. Entrust your electrical and safety needs to our proficient hands. Just call or email us and we will help in any way we can. Additionally, our simple online form enables us to provide you with a free quote.