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Ht PAT testing believe that knowledge is the key to providing electrical safety in the workplace. Our aim is to help you reduce the risks involved with the use of portable electrical equipment. If you would like additional health and safety advice or information regarding electrical safety HT PAT Testing will send you any of the six booklets described below free of charge. These booklets written by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) contain a wealth of useful information.

Booklet One Risk Assessment

This booklet will assist employers and the self employed to assess risks within the workplace. It focuses on businesses in the commercial, service and light industrial sectors.

Booklet Two Electrical Safety And You

This booklet outlines basic measures to help you control the risks from your use of electricity at work.

Booklet Three Safety In Electrical Testing At Work.

If you run or manage a workplace where electrical testing is conducted this booklet will provide basic guidance on safe electrical testing and safety for the people carrying out the testing.

Booklet Four Electrical Safety For Entertainers

This booklet sets out the basic measures to help reduce the electrical risks for entertainer who uses electrical equipment for sound, lighting or other effects. There are also some important notes regarding the law.

Booklet Five Maintaining Electrical Equipment In Hotels And Guest Houses

This booklet sets out precautions you can take to prevent danger from the use of electrical equipment in tourist accommodation such as hotels and guest houses.

Booklet Six Maintaining Portable Electrical Equipment In Offices

This booklet sets out the precautions which may be taken to help prevent danger from portable electrical equipment in premises such as offices and libraries.

If you would like to receive any or all of the booklets described above please click on the “contact us” link below and complete the form indicating which of the booklets you require, we will send them to you via email.

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