PAT Testing Repairs

Electrical Repairs

HT PAT Testing engineers find many faults during the course of our inspection and testing procedures, we will repair any of the following minor faults free of charge.

It is essential that each appliance has the correctly rated fuse fitted. We will replace faulty or incorrect fuse types found during testing at no extra charge.

Plugs often become damaged or cracked and we will replace them free of charge.

Another common problem found is loose cable connections at the plug these will also be repaired free of charge.

Cable insulation often becomes damaged exposing the wires inside, we will repair a damaged flex or cable at no extra cost.

HT PAT Testing engineers are fully qualified to City and Guilds standards ensuring that all testing and repairs are professionally carried out to the highest standards.

Appliances that are found to have faults beyond a minor repair will be appropriately labelled and brought to your attention. We will then recommend a course of action such as replacing the appliance or returning the item to the manufacturer.

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