Are There Any Additional Charges?

No Additional Charges

With HT PAT Testing there are no hidden charges, we will provide you with a detailed and highly competitive written quote. Your quote will include cost per test and the total amount payable, we aim to keep PAT testing prices low and once you have been provided with a PAT testing quote we will stand by it. Any minor appliance repairs that are required during our inspection and testing will be carried out professionally and totally free of charge, this includes:

  • Totally flexible, we operate twenty four hours a day seven days a week at no extra charge.
  • No additional parking or fuel costs will be charged.
  • We will replace any faulty or incorrect fuses at no extra charge.
  • Faulty or damaged plugs will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
  • We will repair a faulty connection to a plug at no extra charge.
  • A damaged flex or cable will be replaced at no extra cost.
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