Faults Found During Portable Appliance Testing

With HT PAT Testing every single appliance at your location will be thoroughly tested for safety and compliance. Here are just a few examples of the typical electrical faults and problems we find
during our testing procedures. Rest assured that if any of these issues exist in your workplace HT PAT Testing will detect and repair them free of charge.

Three cables connected to one plug

This extremely dangerous wiring was found in a guest house, it shows cabling from a tv, stereo and amplifier all connected to one plug. HT PAT Testing repaired this problem free of charge by fitting a seperate plug to each of the appliances.


Two cables wired together

Common Electrical FaultsThe image on the left shows two cables that had been wired together and secured by insulation tape. If this type of dangerous DIY repair were to cause a fire, serious injury or even death the chances are that any insurance policy would be invalid and serious legal consequences would follow. This appliance required a new length of mains cable fitting and was then safe to use.


Bad connection to plug

Common Electrical Faults

The picture on the left shows a plug found in a surgery. This is dangerous as the cable is not properly secured possibly leading to wires being pulled loose. Any plugs like this at your location will be rewired by HT PAT Testing free of charge.

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