Visual inspections can help keep your business safe

Electrical safety is a big concern for commercial and public entities, from a shop to a school to a local library. If there is a risk that employees or members of the general public could be injured by faulty equipment, steps need to be taken to ensure this risk is minimised as much as possible. Good practice in terms of maintaining devices is important, and should fit in alongside your formal PAT testing services.

PAT testing is important but only needs to be done periodically depending on the type of device, how it is used and the environment. When it comes to equipment that is regularly moved around or which is used very often, there is also more potential for wear and damage, so these may need testing more frequently.

An important thing to remember is that your visual checks can stave off the need for frequent formal PAT testing services. If the housing of devices and the cabling is undamaged, there is minimal risk of a problem. Having users keep an eye on this is essential and should be part of your everyday operations. Any signs of wear should be reported and dealt with. Devices that show higher levels of wear will likely need additional testing or you’ll need to alter how you use them.

We offer a wide range of PAT testing services and help our clients to decide on the perfect course of action to maximise their electrical safety. We will advise you about how best to manage and maintain your equipment so you get the most use out of it and keep wear to a minimum. We will also explain your testing needs and help you to schedule them. Each device we test is given a sticker to show the date when another is required. With our help you’ll never need to worry about wasting money on unnecessary testing.