What does visual inspection involve?

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the routine inspection of electrical equipment to ensure that it’s safe. Employers have a duty of care to make sure that their employees are provided with equipment that is safe to use and reduce the possibilities of accidents in the workplace. Only trained and competent technicians can undertake portable appliance testing to make it reliable. During inspections, specialist equipment is used but also a trained eye. Visual inspection is just as important as technical, emphasising the need for a professional to do it. We provide PAT testing in Manchester and throughout the UK and can offer all the help you need to keep your equipment functioning at its best.

When performing a visual inspection on electrical equipment, the items first need to be assessed in their environment, allowing the tester to see if they’re being used suitably. It’s important that the appliances are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications which include:

– Ensuring that no sockets or adaptors are overloaded
– Making sure that the appliance is not stretching the cable
– That the cable does not pose as a hazard for trips or falls
– Assessing whether there is enough ventilation
– How the item in question is able to be isolated or disconnected

We will make sure that appliances are able to be isolated from the socket during daily use, asking the user if they are aware of any existing faults or problems. After this has been completed socket outlets, plug heads, cables and appliances should be looked at to make sure that they are in good condition.

If equipment is supplied with a re-wireable plug facility, any signs of overheating and burning smells should be noted. Following the completion of visual inspection, electrical tests can then get under way. Usually, if appliances fail their visual test there is no further testing until the problem is eradicated.

We are the first choice for all kinds of buildings in need of PAT testing in Manchester and provide a competitively priced, quality service. If you would like to know more about what we do and how we can help your business become safe, contact us today.