Unrivalled PAT testing services that keep British workers safe

The proud record British businesses have for limited levels of injury and harm in the workplace underlines the reasons why our Health & Safety regulations are admired and respected around the world. PAT Testing, the way in which portable appliance testing is usually referred to, is one of the leading and most prominent ways in which the high standards of health and safety expected in the British workplace are ensured and secured. At HT PAT Testing we value and appreciate this importance, something we show by providing the most effective and reliable service of PAT Testing Yorkshire businesses and companies can call upon.

Whilst we at HT PAT Testing offer our expert testing skills and services nationwide, we have based a team of our professional testers in a location that allows them to provide convenient and accessible service to our valued clients in Yorkshire. As we all know, Yorkshire is considered to be the heartland of the United Kingdom, and the many industries and businesses based there require our specialist services to ensure their staff and clients are safe and protected in this most beautiful part of the world.

Recent research and surveys indicate that some 25% of all electrical accidents which occur in the workplace involve portable devices. Although industrial and professional equipment is manufactured to be durable and resilient under frequent use, they all experience wear and tear from operation. Our PAT Testing services ensure you monitor and area aware of how the wear and tear affects your equipment, with our comprehensive service both certifying equipment that passes the testing and detailed information being provided for items that need to be repaired.

The benefits of PAT Testing Yorkshire businesses get go beyond ensuring a superior level of health and safety checks are in place. Ensuring that portable electrical equipment is safe to use by your staff also means that the equipment is safe to operate and store in your premises. Having fully compliant PAT Tested equipment registered also puts you in an advantageous position with insurance companies, as it illustrates that every possible measure for safety and security is in place.

At HT PAT Testing we take pride in ensuring that comprehensive and complete testing and certification of equipment takes places for companies and businesses across the UK. We offer the highest level of professional, world class service possible whilst making our pricing as affordable and accessible as we can to ensure all businesses and companies can benefit from the safety checks we undertake.