Understanding and planning for electrical hazards

When you work with or close to electrical equipment, it is important to take health and safety into account. You need to have the right practices in place to minimise the risk of an accident, including understanding the hazards, deciding how devices should be used, stored and maintained, and action plans in case there is an issue. Business owners are responsible for the safety of everybody on site and need to follow the best practice guidelines.

The first thing to do when considering electrical safety is to understand the hazards. Direct exposure to electrical currents can severely injure people or even lead to a fatality. The electricity can cause burns if somebody gets shocked and can also lead to fires if the current comes into contact with flammable materials. Electrical arching is a major hazard because it generates intense heat and ultraviolet radiation. Being struck by an arc can cause major burns. The flash also has the potential to damage the eyes.

The majority of electrical accidents at work are caused by people working on lines that are thought to be dead when they are in fact live, lack of training or poor management of devices. Many people are injured because they continue to use equipment that is in poor condition or they use it in inappropriate conditions.

Training staff in electrical safety is very important to reduce the risks of accidents. They should know how to use equipment, situations and conditions when it shouldn’t be used and how to store it properly to avoid damaging it. On top of this it is also good practice to ensure they know how to visually inspect equipment to determine whether or not it is safe to use.

With a well trained staff and good equipment management systems in place you can improve workplace safety. You should also ensure devices are PAT tested periodically to make sure they meet legal requirements. All PAT testing services should be completed by trained professionals so you can ensure you get the right level of service and care. We provide PAT testing in Manchester and throughout the entire region, and can help you to secure the appliances in your workplace.