Responsible businesses get portable appliance testing carried out regularly

Across the United Kingdom the overwhelming majority of businesses, companies, institutions and facilities keep and utilise a number of portable devices which are powered by electricity. In keeping with meeting the regulations and requirements of Health & Safety compliance, it is important that these devices and pieces of equipment are routinely and regularly checked and certified as being in good working condition. At HT PAT Testing we provide the services of commercial PAT Testing to businesses and organizations to ensure this occurs.

PAT Testing, or Portable Appliance Testing to give it its full name, involves inspecting and checking all Class 1 and Class 2 portable, moveable electrical equipment and devices to ensure they function correctly and as intended. Within excess of 20% of all electrical related incidents and accidents in British workplaces involving either Class 1 or Class 2 equipment, The importance of ensuring PAT Testing and certification is undertake is understandable and perhaps obvious, With virtually every company and organization across the nation being at risk of damage or harm being caused by untested, non-certified equipment.

The most common incidents we find when conducting commercial PAT Testing are “mend and make do” quick fixes people have put in place. Incorrect fuses fixed to plugs are common, as are incidents of two (or more) appliances sharing a plug and damaged electrical cords being covered with tape. Whereas one can sometimes understand the urgency or need to do this sort of thing on a temporary basis for a very specific reason, equipment fixed up in this way must not be allowed to remain in that condition. This incorrect use of electrical equipment puts your staff and your premises at substantial risk.

At HT PAT Testing we are committed to ensuring that your portable Class 1 and Class 2 electrical products are tested in a fair and transparent way, presenting you with peace of mind that your equipment is certified to be as safe as possible for use. We present all of our findings and certification in a report format which best suits your requirements, making it far easier to document and present your PAT Testing status for Health & Safety purposes. As a courtesy, we also make our PAT Testing services available for microwave emissions testing.

HT PAT Testing operate across the whole of the United Kingdom to deliver the valuable service of commercial PAT Testing. We offer our skilled services at the most competitive pricing possible, with our commitment being towards ensuring as many businesses and companies as possible can undertake this valuable and important safety checking.