Providing an eco friendly testing service

We maintain a strong commitment to environmentalism, and we take every step to help protect the planet. No matter how small, every contribution helps, and we consistently research and find new ways of reducing our carbon footprint while providing our PAT testing services throughout the UK.

The use of paper is a significant contributor to climate change. The machinery and vehicles used to fell and transport the trees contribute to carbon emissions, and the trees that no longer stand are no longer able to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. The result of this is further global warming. We are dedicated to eco friendly methods so we utilise electronic correspondence in place of paper communication. We provide full and detailed test results in CD format or via email. However, we will send paper results using recycled materials if requested by clients.

Studies have highlighted the fact that rechargeable batteries impact the environment 32 times less than disposable batteries, and as part of our commitment we operate all our testing equipment with rechargeable batteries. Our fleet of vehicles runs on diesel and our website is hosted on an energy efficient server. We remain completely committed to an environmentally friendly service in every way.

Our PAT testing services are designed to offer complete peace of mind and electrical safety in the workplace. No matter what business you run, it is important to maintain the condition of electrical appliances and avoid the risk of accidents. We provide proficient PAT testing with detailed, accurate results. Any equipment that is found to require repairs or replacements will be clearly labelled and every test detail recorded for future reference.

There is no legal obligation to test electrical equipment, but there is a requirement to ensure electrical safety. PAT testing is an important part of this as faulty portable equipment contributes to a large number of work related accidents every year. The frequency of your testing will depend on the equipment and the category it falls into. We will assist you with full advice regarding every aspect, and ensure that your appliances are tested as and when they should be. For PAT testing services that are affordable and reliable, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.