PAT Testing dramatically reduces the risk of electrical dangers

With the strong emphasis we in the UK have on ensuring Health & Safety compliance in the workplace, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) gives companies and businesses the assurance that they are entirely compliant with all Electricity at Work regulations and legislation. To provide the best, most reliable possible conducting of PAT Testing Cornwall businesses and companies call on us at HT PAT Testing.

Our services are fully certified by the British Safety Council to Level 1 in respect of carrying out electrical and lighting testing, as well as providing fire protection services. The technicians and electricians who form our team of staff are all City & Guilds qualified, giving you the assurance that the best, most professional and trusted experts available are handling and ensuring your electrical compliance matters.

Our PAT Testing services are designed to be as comprehensive and expansive as possible, but carried out in a way that causes the minimal of disruption or inconvenience to your business processes. We check all elements of the casings and wiring on portable, moveable equipment, ensuring that they meet the requisite requirements and are safe to use. We pro-actively report on not just any faults we find, but areas of concern that you will wish to monitor in order to ensure forward moving compliance. We also conduct thorough inspections of plugs and fuses, making sure the correct ones are used and fitted properly. This service has proved to be particularly beneficial to our clients over the years, as often we have helped them get greater efficiency and performance from equipment by advising on better fuses and plugs to use.

For equipment, plugs and fuses which pass the stringent requirements we have for the PAT Testing Cornwall businesses contract us to carry out full certification of compliance is awarded and provided. This certification should always be retained and used to substantiate your Electricity at Work Regulations legal requirements.

The priority we have at HT Pat Testing is to ensure safe working conditions for all of those employed in Cornwall. To underline this we actively seek to provide the most affordable, competitively priced service for PAT Testing Cornwall businesses and companies can call upon. We believe it is far more important to make this important testing more affordable to all than it is to simply seek profits.

For more information on the importance of PAT Testing, and to discuss how we can help you in ensuring that you have a safe, compliant working area in respect of electrical equipment, contact our Health & Safety electrical experts today.