Responsible businesses get portable appliance testing carried out regularly

Across the United Kingdom the overwhelming majority of businesses, companies, institutions and facilities keep and utilise a number of portable devices which are powered by electricity. In keeping with meeting the regulations and requirements of Health & Safety compliance, it is important that these devices and pieces of equipment are routinely and regularly checked and certified as being in good working condition. At HT PAT Testing we provide the services of commercial PAT Testing to businesses and organizations to ensure this occurs. Continue reading

Unrivalled PAT testing services that keep British workers safe

The proud record British businesses have for limited levels of injury and harm in the workplace underlines the reasons why our Health & Safety regulations are admired and respected around the world. PAT Testing, the way in which portable appliance testing is usually referred to, is one of the leading and most prominent ways in which the high standards of health and safety expected in the British workplace are ensured and secured. At HT PAT Testing we value and appreciate this importance, something we show by providing the most effective and reliable service of PAT Testing Yorkshire businesses and companies can call upon. Continue reading

PAT Testing dramatically reduces the risk of electrical dangers

With the strong emphasis we in the UK have on ensuring Health & Safety compliance in the workplace, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) gives companies and businesses the assurance that they are entirely compliant with all Electricity at Work regulations and legislation. To provide the best, most reliable possible conducting of PAT Testing Cornwall businesses and companies call on us at HT PAT Testing. Continue reading

Don’t take any risks when it comes to PAT Testing appliances in Manchester

The Electricity and Work Regulations Act of 1989 served, in many respects, to be the foundation for the current, constructive Health & Safety rules and regulations we have in place today. An important part of ensuring compliance with the regulations is arranging for PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) to be carried out on a regular basis. The specialist services of PAT Testing Manchester businesses and companies can confidently call on, HT PAT Testing are the nationwide leading name in this important, vital field. Continue reading

Offering important PAT Testing checks across Cornwall

When you’re in need of PAT testing in Cornwall, then our team at HT PAT Testing have you completely covered. We can test all of your appliances for a low cost and ensure that your workplace and your workforce are protected against faulty appliances. There’s no reason to leave yourself vulnerable by not testing your appliances, especially when you consider the legal ramifications that could occur. With our inexpensive PAT testing, you can ensure that your premises are protected for minimal cost and with maximum efficiency. Continue reading

Make sure your appliances are safe through PAT testing in Manchester

PAT testing Manchester can drastically improve your lifestyle as a business or home owner. By having regular inspections, you safeguard yourself against any risks, endangering any of your employees/family, and keep yourself protected by your insurance policy. It’s a little cost to pay to prevent such a large scale issue from occurring and at HT PAT Testing we deliver affordable and quality testing. Continue reading