How often should you have PAT tests carried out?

Landlords, employers and even the self-employed have a duty of care to ensure that portable appliances are safe to use. However, there are no set rules on how frequently they should be done, only that it should be done regularly as a preventative measure and as part of routine maintenance, and that appliances should be safe to use. Different situations call for different measures and there are a number of factors that decide how often you should be using PAT testing services.

An easy way to determine when and how often you should have your equipment tested is to monitor how much you actually use each appliance. If it is used every day for a good few hours then it’s recommended to have inspections on a more frequent basis than equipment you don’t use as much.

Another way is to visually examine the items yourself and see if there is any noticeable damage or if you can identify any potential issues. If so, there is more of a chance that a hazard may arise and you’ll require a test to double check that it is in full, safe working order.

Lastly, the actual type of the equipment in question is a large factor when trying to work out the required frequency of tests. For instance, hand held appliances are at higher risk of of becoming damaged than stationary appliances. The recommended time is from around 12-24 months between each test, depending on the nature of the equipment.

If you are still unsure of how often you should undertake PAT testing at your establishment then we can help. We can provide you with advice to ensure that all your appliances are being checked correctly and that the frequency of testing is correct. Get in touch with us today if you would like further information or expert advice on any aspect of our PAT testing services.