Why have your microwave tested?

When the human body is exposed to microwave radiation, it can cause health problems. Repeat exposure can lead to issues such as burns and cataracts. Although a majority of microwave leaks are considered to be so small that they don’t pose a significant risk, it’s always recommended to have your microwave regularly checked to ensure that it stays as efficient and safe as possible.

Microwave radiation is invisible and odourless, meaning that you could never know if you are placing yourself or anyone else at risk. Your microwave doesn’t even need to appear damaged for a leak to occur as they can be caused by factors as simple as food particles getting trapped in the hinges or slamming the oven door accidentally. Even a small radiation intensity reading of 5mw/cm2 could be very harmful and highlights the importance of regular testing and maintenance.

We don’t just specialise in PAT testing in Cornwall; we can also deliver microwave leakage testing for your peace of mind. We use the latest and most advanced leakage meters to detect even the smallest of leaks and can help you eliminate any problems with guidance and advice.

It’s important to have your microwave tested for both commercial and domestic purposes. As an employer, it’s your duty to ensure that all equipment provided for the employees’ use is safe and will not cause them any harm. We pride ourselves on supplying PAT testing in Cornwall that is not only highly accurate, but also very affordable, and we will be happy to offer you a comprehensive solution including PAT testing, electrical maintenance and more.