Keeping the working environment safe

Regardless of location, it is important to maintain maximum levels of safety in any environment that uses electrical equipment. When electrical appliances are used regularly, it is inevitable that they will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Safety in the workplace is of the highest importance and it is essential to ensure your electrical appliances are functioning correctly and meeting all health and safety regulations.

We provide trusted fixed wire testing and PAT testing in Cornwall and throughout the UK, and we are the name to call on for affordable inspection of your equipment. We make sure you fulfil your obligations as an employer and we deliver complete peace of mind.

Our fixed wire testing service specifically determines the condition of your electrical installations. There are several factors that can contribute to deterioration such as age, damage, corrosion, circuit overload and other environmental elements. Legislation dictates the maintenance of all implemented systems in order to eliminate the threat of accident and injury.

There are other reasons to undertake fixed wire testing including a change of premises, alterations to the installation or the electrical input, property lease, possible flood damage and the assessment of compliance with established wiring regulations. Your fixed wire testing will consist of a full inspection and testing of circuits and control gear to determine the presence of an adequate earth and any insulation breakdown.

Our PAT testing is completed in full compliance with the IEE code of practice. We will check all appliance casings and flex for any signs of damage or decline. We also carry out a series of electrical tests and clearly label each appliance with the results. We collect and store all data and all clients are issued with an appliance register, full result details and a certificate for the purpose of future reference.

Our PAT testing in Cornwall is entirely cost-effective and eco-friendly. We provide a free quote that carries no obligation and we are happy to help with all enquiries regarding our efficient electrical safety services.