Keeping your business operating smoothly

It would be impossible for any business to operate these days without technology and electrical equipment. Portable appliances are found in a wide range of professional environments and they range from microwaves, kettles and toasters to computers and photocopiers and drills and power tools. The Electricity at Work Regulations state that any electrical system must be maintained and utilised in such a way as to prevent danger. Portable appliances are classed as such systems, and it is recommended that all electrical equipment be subjected to regular commercial PAT testing to ensure efficiency and optimal safety.

Emergency services attend thousands of accidental fires in non-residential buildings on a yearly basis. 30% of these fires are the result of faulty electrical appliances. There is no substitute for taking full safety measures. Ensuring your electrical equipment is functioning correctly and safely can prevent accidents and expense along with injuries and loss of life.

Regular inspection and testing is the ideal way to mitigate the fire risks associated with electrical equipment. The commercial PAT testing we offer successfully delivers peace of mind and full compliance with health and safety regulations. Our team of engineers are fully trained and experienced and ensure a comprehensive inspection of your equipment. Our reliable service consists of high standards and affordable prices.

Your tests are conducted with little disruption to your working day, and each result is recorded and displayed on each item. Any faulty appliances will be clearly labelled and a detailed record of results provided. Our simple and effective tests are carried out quickly and responsibly and each item of equipment is thoroughly checked.

We carry out commercial PAT testing for both small and large businesses and we will work around any schedule to suit your needs. We have vast experience along with the capabilities and resources to deliver a speedy service and satisfy a diverse range of clients. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction at all times and the highest standard of workplace safety.