Keep your staff safe and productive with regular PAT testing

If your business has a great company culture, this means everybody is happy to work together for the greater good of the company. In order for your company to run smoothly and safely, you need to ensure that the equipment your staff use is in full working order and is completely safe. Have you PAT tested your appliances lately?

PAT testing is a very important process which although not required by law, ensures the safety of your staff so they can continue on their daily mission to do their best. While all electrical goods used in a business comply with manufacturing regulations, it is very important to ensure that regular maintenance is also provided.

Turning equipment on and off often, moving it out of the way, and any other activity can cause damage over time. Because of their intended use, different types of appliances require different types of tests. Our engineers possess a trained eye to easily spot possible causes of concern. A loose plug or wiring that is slightly exposed can endanger users considerably. These are some of the things we look for upon inspection when we are carrying out PAT testing in Cornwall and throughout the surrounding areas.

As well as appliances, electrical wiring throughout the establishment should by all means also be checked. This includes sockets, electronic access, and lighting components. The process of examining these is called fixed wire testing.

Our engineers are prepared to carry out both types of tests by taking a close look at the elements and by using specialised equipment to ensure your everything is in tip top condition.

HT Pat Testing is committed to providing all our customers with a fantastic service. In addition to carrying out the examinations diligently, reports detailing the condition of goods and fixed wiring are always provided. We also label each piece of tested equipment so that a point of reference is in place the next time maintenance is due. We offer a complete service at a competitive price, so contact us whenever you require PAT testing in Cornwall, Manchester or throughout the UK.