The importance of Class I PAT Testing

The required frequency of PAT testing depends on various different factors. These include the classification of the equipment (e.g. handheld, fixed), the industry in which the equipment is used (e.g. hotels, schools, public use) and which class the equipment belongs to. There are two classes of equipment: Class I and Class II. Of these classes, Class I appliances are those that should be tested more regularly than Class II appliances.

Class I appliances are, essentially, those appliances which host insulation for the wiring and earth connections. These appliances are generally safe as the insulation of the wiring protects from the user from shock, while the earth connection provides a place for the electricity to travel down in case of any faults. This means that a person handling a faulty appliance will be potentially safe from the risk of an electric shock. This means that, during testing, a reliable tester will test both the appliance itself and the earth connector to ensure that there is as minimal risk to the user as possible.

Class I appliances include toasters, washing machines, heaters, fridge-freezers and other substantial pieces of equipment. As stated above, appliances within this class generally need to be tested more often than class II appliances. Again, this is also further divided into where the appliances are used. For example, in schools, class I appliances need to be inspected and tested every 12 months. For class II appliances, they need to be inspected and checked every 48 months. In appliances that are used by the public that are portable and handheld, class I appliances must be inspected and tested every 6 months, while class II appliances require inspection and tests every 12 months.

No matter the frequency of tests, you can depend on us to provide you with thorough and comprehensive PAT testing in Manchester and the surrounding areas. We carry out thorough testing on all class I appliances. We carry out earth continuity tests, insulation resistance tests and protective earth conductor current tests to ensure that the appliances are as safe as possible and pose minimal risk to your workforce. All work is carried out by our professional engineers who are fully trained and qualified to City & Guilds standards.

You should not forget about having regular inspections and tests for your class I appliances. With our professional engineers and low prices for PAT testing in Manchester, your appliances will be fully tested without you needing to worry about the safety of your workforce being compromised, and you can do so without having to break the bank.