Health and safety of staff is absolutely vital in every workplace

Anybody that is positioned at the helm of an organisation knows that they have great responsibility for the safety of the people they employ. PAT testing is an essential element regarding health and safety policies and it is crucial that you ensure the electrical equipment used within your workplace is regularly checked. It is a sad truth that many accidents occur every year in the workplace and adequate steps to prevent injury and tragic loss of life must be taken. Professional establishments are required to keep their electrical equipment safe and PAT testing falls into that category.

We take many things for granted, especially the small appliances that we use every day without thinking. Kettles, microwaves and many other electrical appliances seem pretty harmless but they can present danger if they are not regularly checked. They need to be maintained and declared safe for usage within the environment and in line with the specification of the manufacturer. Our PAT testing in Cornwall incorporates a visual inspection to thoroughly assess the state of the appliance. The casing and the flex are checked for signs of wear or damage and plugs are rigorously examined to check for correct wiring and fuse implementation. Upon completion of this inspection we put the appliance through a series of tests using a fully calibrated PAT tester. Results will be displayed on an attached label and any item that has failed must be removed for repair.

We offer PAT testing Cornwall clients can trust in completely as we put safety first. The advantages of the tests are a safe working environment and a guaranteed elimination of liability should any accidents occur. The government declared that PAT testing is the most efficient way of ensuring electrical safety. Foresight is invaluable and nobody wants to face catastrophe when it could have been easily prevented. Insurance claims can be immediately rejected if unchecked faulty equipment reveals itself to be the cause of a fire or accident.

We encounter many problems with wiring that highlight the fact that many people are functioning every day in staggeringly dangerous circumstances. We often come up against two and three cables wired to a plug or generally poor wiring. We cannot stress enough the magnitude of these dangers and pledge to strip the potential threats from your environment and leave your establishment with maximum levels of safety and you with the knowledge that you have fulfilled every legal and moral obligation to your employees.