Ensuring safe and secure electricity use

All businesses in the UK are aware of how important regular PAT and fixed wire testing are to ensuring workplace safety. From sole traders working in an office at home through to large, multinational companies and production plants, countless businesses use electrically powered equipment as a standard part of their daily work. With a substantial number of injuries sustained in the workplace being related to electrical appliances, it is vital that businesses ensure commercial PAT testing takes place at their premises. To meet this need, we are proud to provide the most comprehensive and trusted of PAT testing services available across the UK.

PAT Testing is a means of ensuring that all electronic equipment in your business premises is in the operational condition it should be. Matters such as a cracked plug casing, loose or frayed wiring or a broken protective cover may seem like small matters that do not affect the performance of the equipment. That may well be the case, but that is also a dangerous, short term way of looking at it. Whilst we can understand how one may be inclined to see such matters as trivial, the fact is they represent substantial risks that should not be there. Ignoring a slight problem with electrical equipment does not make it go away; it only means you are likely to be caught off-guard when it develops into a much bigger problem.

With several years of commercial PAT testing services behind us, we have the skills and abilities needed to perform this important work quickly, effectively and efficiently. As we understand you wish to limit the amount of production downtime experienced as much as possible, we always offer our services in a way most convenient to you. Whenever possible, we shall arrange to carry out our work at the time best suited to you, no matter where you are located in the UK.

The expert PAT testing services we provide extend also to fixed wire testing. It is equally important that businesses ensure that their wall sockets, fuse boxes and general wiring are all in good and safe working order. Doing so not only ensures that your staff are assured of safe working conditions, but also helps you safeguard your property against risks such as fires starting due to electrical faults.