Electrical safety is the responsibility of business owners and employees

Electrical appliances in commercial properties need to be electrically tested periodically to ensure they are safe to use and won’t cause harm to anybody in the property. It is the obligation of the business owner to get equipment checked and certified as safe to use. Employees also have a responsibility to their colleagues and anybody else in the property; they should notify managers when issues are found with devices so that people aren’t left unaware of the condition of equipment.

PAT testing services should only be done by experienced people with the right skills and qualifications. This ensures devices are handled properly and checked correctly. Untrained personnel are unlikely to know what to look for and could inadvertently put themselves and others at risk. You should always call on a professional tester to do the job.

Before testing can take place, a risk assessment should be done to ensure that testers know what conditions they are dealing with. It is important that they know what voltage, charge and currents they are dealing with as well as the environments that devices are used in. They may also look at what protective measures they need to take to do the testing and take a closer look at each device before they test it. This information helps to ensure that each test is done professionally and with the right level of care.

All electrical tests should be done in line with the latest IEE code of practice. Their guide is the most in depth in the industry and features a wealth of information for testers. It specifies how work should be done in different environments, current legislation and many other important things. The code of practice is a valuable resource and helps to promote safety across the industry.

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