Electrical safety in offices

Electrical safety is vital in commercial properties, because the potential for injuring a number of people can be very high. To minimise the risk and the damages that an accident would cause, property owners need to ensure that they have PAT testing services carried out regularly and that their appliances are kept well maintained. Neglected devices and those used incorrectly in hazardous environments are the most likely to become dangerous.

Offices are considered to be amongst the safest working environments when it comes to electrical safety. This is because they are usually free from a number of hazards, including close proximity to water sources. Most of the electrical equipment in offices won’t be moved around frequently so there is less risk of deterioration and fault development.

The most risky items in an office are those used by many people including things like kettles and other kitchen appliances. These are normally the closest to water sources and will get moved around the most. Luckily you can avoid issues by getting people to check them before use and notify you if there any signs of wear. If problems are found you should stop using the device immediately until it can be repaired and tested. PAT testing should be done every year or two to make sure these devices are free from electrical faults.

With computers and other communicative equipment the biggest problem is the cabling and connections. The devices themselves are likely to only need a professional PAT test every three or four years because of the safe environment they are used in and the lack of movement. Employees should still take care to check the condition of devices and handle them carefully to minimise the wear.

When it is time to get devices tested you should always call on an experienced, competent professional to do the work. This ensures you will receive the right standard of service and can have confidence in the results of the tests. We specialise in commercial PAT testing services and can easily cater for offices all across the North West and beyond. Whether it is a multi-floor office block or a small business with just a handful of employees, we can test all of your devices and certify they are safe to use.