Don’t ever take unnecessary risks with electrical safety

In the UK we are very fortunate that there is strict enforcement and willing compliance with Health & Safety rules and regulations, with all accepting it is for the greater good to adopt safe and secure practices in order to avoid any needless risks or harm being caused. This does not, sadly, eliminate all accidents from happening, especially not in respect of electricity related incidents. Although exact figures are hard to determine with precision, the Health & Safety Executive indicate that some 350,000 serious injuries are caused by electricity every year, with around 30 of those incidents unfortunately causing death. These figures underline the importance of ensuring that electrical equipment in the workplace is monitored and maintained to the highest standards possible in order to avoid unnecessary injuries and harm.

To facilitate this, we at HT PAT Testing provide the most complete and comprehensive service of PAT Testing Manchester businesses can call upon and use to confirm the safety and the integrity of their portable electrical equipment. Our reliable, qualified and professional team of electrical technicians will ensure that all of your equipment is inspected and tested, as well as carrying out any minor or urgent repair work that needs to be done. We are committed to making electrical equipment in the work place as safe as possible to use.

There exists some confusion around the legal requirement and frequency needed for PAT Testing to be carried out by a company. This confusion is not surprising, as although the law does not specifically state that PAT Testing must happen, it makes it clear that companies are responsible for ensuring that their electrical equipment meets the necessary certified standards. A way to illustrate why PAT Testing is important would be to ask you to imagine that the Department of Transport removed the need for an annual MOT Test for vehicles. Even with no legal requirement in place to do so, you would want assurance that your car was in good working order and not likely to harm either you or anyone else around you. No doubt you would still have a thorough test and inspection carried out on your car once a year anyway, and this is the kind of approach one should take towards PAT Testing.

The service of PAT Testing Manchester businesses get from HT PAT Testing is designed to be as thorough and as accommodating as possible. We arrange to carry out our inspection services at a time most convenient to you, and are always proactive in our approach, looking to fix and address any issues we find professionally and efficiently.