Delivering superior PAT testing services and fixed wire testing

We provide a full range of commercial PAT testing services designed to make sure our clients successfully fulfil their health and safety obligations and comply to all standards. We offer PAT testing, fixed wire testing, emergency lighting and fire protection. We serve a wide range of businesses as well as residential properties, and we have successfully completed tasks in all manner of environments from offices to football stadiums. We are proud that our commitment to uncompromising professionalism and honesty has earned us our excellent reputation.

Commercial PAT testing is imperative for ensuring the safety of electrical appliances. Faulty portable appliances are responsible for many accidents on a yearly basis, but these unfortunate incidents can be avoided. We provide simple, affordable tests that furnish employers and landlords with peace of mind.

Every landlord has an obligation to ensure the properties they own are safe for the tenants that inhabit them. When electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines are included as part of the property, then they require regular PAT testing to ensure safety. It is beneficial to both parties that adequate measures are taken to establish the safety of appliances. Accidents can result in serious injury, damages and extensive costs.

We like every client to be completely sure that they have engaged the finest technicians possible. We take the safety of each and every client seriously and with this in mind we make sure every employee undergoes extensive health and safety and technical training. We also offer our trustworthy commercial PAT testing services at unbeatable prices.

We will test all appliances from toasters, kettles and irons to the appliances that fall into the class 2 category such as televisions, stereo equipment and vacuum cleaners. When your tests have been completed we will provide you with a detailed report highlighting the present condition of your appliances, and we retain every report for ten years. Every item that demands attention will be clearly labelled and the due date for the next required test will also be displayed.

We also provide fixed wire testing as electrical installations are vulnerable to age, wear and tear and damage. We conduct a visual inspection of circuits and control gear along with electrical testing of the circuits to check for adequate earth and insulation breakdown. Aside from compliance to implemented regulations there are several reasons for carrying out fixed wire testing such as a change of occupancy or use of premises, alteration to the building or a change in the electrical loading of the installation. We assure our customers of our capabilities and commitment to keeping everybody safe and the quality of our commercial PAT testing will always reflect that.