Class II appliances and testing

In the field of PAT testing, the appliances that need testing are split up into two categories, Class I and Class II. Both classes have a number of differences from each other, specifically their insulation. What marks class II appliances apart is that they have supplementary insulation, whereas class I appliances have basic insulation and earthing. However, class II appliances still require thorough testing to ensure that they are safe for your employees to use.

Class II equipment includes more recreational equipment such as televisions, hair dryers and DVD players, but also includes items such as garden power tools. This means that this type of testing is especially important for businesses in the hospitality industry, such as hotels. With double insulation, class II appliances can be considered safer than their class I counterparts, but the same rigorous testing is still required as there is always the risk of the equipment failing and compromising the safety of your workforce or of your customers. If your appliance causes an accident due to a lack of testing, then you are fully liable and could be fined or even prosecuted.

Businesses in the hospitality industry often contain a huge number of class II appliances that need to be professionally tested. From televisions to irons, not one appliance can be skipped over when it comes to testing. We understand that, because of the extensive use of appliances a business may have, you may be concerned about costs. However, we are proud to offer excellent, affordable prices to our customers, so that you don’t have to spend a fortune to ensure safety for your premises.

We can provide PAT testing in Cornwall and throughout the UK. With full accreditations and highly trained staff, you can be assured that when we test, we do so thoroughly and comprehensively. Following rigorous testing, we clearly label all of the equipment and supply you with a full report regarding the testing that was carried out on the appliances and the results of the tests.

All of our engineers have undergone extensive health and safety training. They are City & Guilds qualified and are also CSCS qualified. This means that we have access to the best team possible when it comes to testing all of your class II appliances. There are few other companies who can provide the same level of customer service in regards to PAT testing in Cornwall and beyond, and when you turn to us to complete the tests on your appliances, you will find us helpful, dedicated and, most importantly, cost effective.