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Our microwave leakage testing service

Alongside commercial PAT testing, our team also offer thorough and accurate microwave leakage testing. This type of testing is commonly supplied alongside ordinary PAT tests. Rather than simply checking the electrical components of the microwave, we will also check to see if it is emitting microwave radiation. If a microwave oven is releasing this radiation, then it cannot be classified as safe and the problem needs to be rectified as swiftly as possible. Continue reading

Class II appliances and testing

In the field of PAT testing, the appliances that need testing are split up into two categories, Class I and Class II. Both classes have a number of differences from each other, specifically their insulation. What marks class II appliances apart is that they have supplementary insulation, whereas class I appliances have basic insulation and earthing. However, class II appliances still require thorough testing to ensure that they are safe for your employees to use. Continue reading

How often frequently should you have PAT testing?

Whether you are a business owner, property owner, landlord, or work in a public setting, PAT testing can greatly improve safety standards on your premises and reduce the risk of accidents. It gives you the knowledge that electrical equipment is safe to use, and informs you about any potential issues so that you can repair or replace equipment as needed. As specialists in PAT testing in Manchester, we can provide the testing you require. However, many clients are unsure about how often the testing should actually be carried out. Continue reading

Visual inspections can help keep your business safe

Electrical safety is a big concern for commercial and public entities, from a shop to a school to a local library. If there is a risk that employees or members of the general public could be injured by faulty equipment, steps need to be taken to ensure this risk is minimised as much as possible. Good practice in terms of maintaining devices is important, and should fit in alongside your formal PAT testing services. Continue reading

Why have your microwave tested?

When the human body is exposed to microwave radiation, it can cause health problems. Repeat exposure can lead to issues such as burns and cataracts. Although a majority of microwave leaks are considered to be so small that they don’t pose a significant risk, it’s always recommended to have your microwave regularly checked to ensure that it stays as efficient and safe as possible. Continue reading

The importance of Class I PAT Testing

The required frequency of PAT testing depends on various different factors. These include the classification of the equipment (e.g. handheld, fixed), the industry in which the equipment is used (e.g. hotels, schools, public use) and which class the equipment belongs to. There are two classes of equipment: Class I and Class II. Of these classes, Class I appliances are those that should be tested more regularly than Class II appliances. Continue reading

Delivering superior PAT testing services and fixed wire testing

We provide a full range of commercial PAT testing services designed to make sure our clients successfully fulfil their health and safety obligations and comply to all standards. We offer PAT testing, fixed wire testing, emergency lighting and fire protection. We serve a wide range of businesses as well as residential properties, and we have successfully completed tasks in all manner of environments from offices to football stadiums. We are proud that our commitment to uncompromising professionalism and honesty has earned us our excellent reputation. Continue reading

Keep appliances safe with PAT testing

Running a business can be challenging and you’ll need every advantage you can get to compete and be successful in your sector. Technology can help you to do this, whether it is machinery to boost production, devices to check quality, or communication networks to get you in touch with clients. However, when you use electrical devices, you need to take steps to ensure they are safe and in the best condition. Our PAT testing services are the easiest way to do this. Continue reading