We can help secure the safety of your workplace

PAT testing is simply the thorough testing of electrical appliances in working conditions. Like everything else that is frequently used, electrical appliances become vulnerable to deterioration with age. When we look at businesses throughout the UK it is staggering to think of how many electrical items are used on a daily basis, from computers to kettles to microwaves. We usually take these appliances for granted as they become such a regular part of our daily activities, but when things go wrong they can unfortunately become accidents waiting to happen. Faulty appliances are a big risk factor for workplace accidents, so business owners have a duty to ensure that everything is kept in full working order to protect their employees and the public.

We have been at the forefront of the electronic sector for many years and we have every capability to carry out your tests with the utmost accuracy and proficiency. Our PAT testing in Manchester and the rest of the UK involves the complete opening of a plug to assess the vital elements. We check for correct wiring, security of terminals and to make sure the appropriate fuse has been inserted. We then utilise the finest testing equipment available to fully test your appliances and present you with a detailed certificate and the results which we offer in the format of your choice.

There are certain legislations in place that dictate the need for fixed wire testing. There are many contributing factors to the reduction of safety levels of electrical installations such as unexpected damage, simple wear and tear along with an overload of electrical circuits and various environmental influences. Fixed wire testing is the approved method of ensuring maximum levels of safety and compliance with legislation. Fixed wire testing is also known as hard wire testing and electrical testing. These tests consist of close inspection of circuits, control gear and protective devices and determination of adequate earth as well as insulation breakdown and any other appropriate test that may be required.

Regular implementation of these tests is crucial in order to maintain safe working environments and prevent potentially dangerous occurrences. Our valued customer base is located throughout the UK and we regularly provide our trustworthy services to many professional environments such as schools, hotels, restaurants, construction sites and the NHS. We are happy to offer a free quote for our PAT testing in Manchester that carries no obligation and we readily offer advice regarding every electrical service we offer.