Monthly Archives: December 2014

Keeping the working environment safe

Regardless of location, it is important to maintain maximum levels of safety in any environment that uses electrical equipment. When electrical appliances are used regularly, it is inevitable that they will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Safety in the workplace is of the highest importance and it is essential to ensure your electrical appliances are functioning correctly and meeting all health and safety regulations. Continue reading

Understanding and planning for electrical hazards

When you work with or close to electrical equipment, it is important to take health and safety into account. You need to have the right practices in place to minimise the risk of an accident, including understanding the hazards, deciding how devices should be used, stored and maintained, and action plans in case there is an issue. Business owners are responsible for the safety of everybody on site and need to follow the best practice guidelines. Continue reading

Our microwave leakage testing service

Alongside commercial PAT testing, our team also offer thorough and accurate microwave leakage testing. This type of testing is commonly supplied alongside ordinary PAT tests. Rather than simply checking the electrical components of the microwave, we will also check to see if it is emitting microwave radiation. If a microwave oven is releasing this radiation, then it cannot be classified as safe and the problem needs to be rectified as swiftly as possible. Continue reading