Monthly Archives: September 2014

Green electrics for a greener world

We are dedicated to the environment, always coming up with ways and ideas to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Our website is powered 100% by certified green renewable energy sources on an energy efficient server. There are many other ways that we employ green ethics into our offices, operations and data centres, enabling us to provide our PAT testing in Cornwall, Manchester and the UK in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Continue reading

We can help secure the safety of your workplace

PAT testing is simply the thorough testing of electrical appliances in working conditions. Like everything else that is frequently used, electrical appliances become vulnerable to deterioration with age. When we look at businesses throughout the UK it is staggering to think of how many electrical items are used on a daily basis, from computers to kettles to microwaves. We usually take these appliances for granted as they become such a regular part of our daily activities, but when things go wrong they can unfortunately become accidents waiting to happen. Faulty appliances are a big risk factor for workplace accidents, so business owners have a duty to ensure that everything is kept in full working order to protect their employees and the public. Continue reading

Ensuring safe and secure electricity use

All businesses in the UK are aware of how important regular PAT and fixed wire testing are to ensuring workplace safety. From sole traders working in an office at home through to large, multinational companies and production plants, countless businesses use electrically powered equipment as a standard part of their daily work. With a substantial number of injuries sustained in the workplace being related to electrical appliances, it is vital that businesses ensure commercial PAT testing takes place at their premises. To meet this need, we are proud to provide the most comprehensive and trusted of PAT testing services available across the UK. Continue reading