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PAT testing is highly recommended to ensure a safe workplace

We specialise in PAT testing in Manchester to help keep all types of workplace equipment safe and secure. Though PAT testing isn’t, strictly speaking, enforceable by law, it is a method of testing your appliances that has become the standard to ensure that the appliances are safe. This is due to the fact that PAT testing is a comprehensive method in this regard and can provide complete safety for you and your workforce, while clearly detailing appliances which pass the test and those that fail the test. It is also a cost effective means of testing, able to test many appliances for a relatively low cost. Continue reading

How often should you have PAT tests carried out?

Landlords, employers and even the self-employed have a duty of care to ensure that portable appliances are safe to use. However, there are no set rules on how frequently they should be done, only that it should be done regularly as a preventative measure and as part of routine maintenance, and that appliances should be safe to use. Different situations call for different measures and there are a number of factors that decide how often you should be using PAT testing services. Continue reading