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Don’t ever take unnecessary risks with electrical safety

In the UK we are very fortunate that there is strict enforcement and willing compliance with Health & Safety rules and regulations, with all accepting it is for the greater good to adopt safe and secure practices in order to avoid any needless risks or harm being caused. This does not, sadly, eliminate all accidents from happening, especially not in respect of electricity related incidents. Although exact figures are hard to determine with precision, the Health & Safety Executive indicate that some 350,000 serious injuries are caused by electricity every year, with around 30 of those incidents unfortunately causing death. These figures underline the importance of ensuring that electrical equipment in the workplace is monitored and maintained to the highest standards possible in order to avoid unnecessary injuries and harm. Continue reading

Health and safety of staff is absolutely vital in every workplace

Anybody that is positioned at the helm of an organisation knows that they have great responsibility for the safety of the people they employ. PAT testing is an essential element regarding health and safety policies and it is crucial that you ensure the electrical equipment used within your workplace is regularly checked. It is a sad truth that many accidents occur every year in the workplace and adequate steps to prevent injury and tragic loss of life must be taken. Professional establishments are required to keep their electrical equipment safe and PAT testing falls into that category. Continue reading