Monthly Archives: April 2014

Offering important PAT Testing checks across Cornwall

When you’re in need of PAT testing in Cornwall, then our team at HT PAT Testing have you completely covered. We can test all of your appliances for a low cost and ensure that your workplace and your workforce are protected against faulty appliances. There’s no reason to leave yourself vulnerable by not testing your appliances, especially when you consider the legal ramifications that could occur. With our inexpensive PAT testing, you can ensure that your premises are protected for minimal cost and with maximum efficiency. Continue reading

Make sure your appliances are safe through PAT testing in Manchester

PAT testing Manchester can drastically improve your lifestyle as a business or home owner. By having regular inspections, you safeguard yourself against any risks, endangering any of your employees/family, and keep yourself protected by your insurance policy. It’s a little cost to pay to prevent such a large scale issue from occurring and at HT PAT Testing we deliver affordable and quality testing. Continue reading