Checking electrical installations with fixed wire testing

We are proud of the fact that we are one of the most trusted providers of commercial PAT testing in Cornwall, Manchester and throughout the UK. We are a registered NICEIC contractor with a team of highly trained and fully qualified engineers, so everybody who uses our services can be assured of expert workmanship. As well as our PAT testing services, we also offer fixed wire testing which allows us to fully safeguard your premises against the risks of malfunctioning electrical installations. Continue reading

The need for electrical safety at work

While the amount of accidents and fatalities at work has steadily decreased over the years due to changing legislations, the risk still hasn’t been entirely eliminated. Many accidents are entirely preventable, which is why it’s important employers take every precaution. As an employer, you need to make sure your staff are safe when they are working to ensure you are compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act. Continue reading

An essential part of electrical safety

PAT testing is an essential part of electrical safety. A large portion of workplace accidents are a result of faulty portable appliances, but in most cases these kind of accidents can be easily avoided. We provide affordable and preventative commercial PAT testing to deliver peace of mind and workplace safety to a diverse range of business owners and landlords. Continue reading

Electrical safety in offices

Electrical safety is vital in commercial properties, because the potential for injuring a number of people can be very high. To minimise the risk and the damages that an accident would cause, property owners need to ensure that they have PAT testing services carried out regularly and that their appliances are kept well maintained. Neglected devices and those used incorrectly in hazardous environments are the most likely to become dangerous. Continue reading

What does visual inspection involve?

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the routine inspection of electrical equipment to ensure that it’s safe. Employers have a duty of care to make sure that their employees are provided with equipment that is safe to use and reduce the possibilities of accidents in the workplace. Only trained and competent technicians can undertake portable appliance testing to make it reliable. During inspections, specialist equipment is used but also a trained eye. Visual inspection is just as important as technical, emphasising the need for a professional to do it. We provide PAT testing in Manchester and throughout the UK and can offer all the help you need to keep your equipment functioning at its best. Continue reading

Keeping your business operating smoothly

It would be impossible for any business to operate these days without technology and electrical equipment. Portable appliances are found in a wide range of professional environments and they range from microwaves, kettles and toasters to computers and photocopiers and drills and power tools. The Electricity at Work Regulations state that any electrical system must be maintained and utilised in such a way as to prevent danger. Portable appliances are classed as such systems, and it is recommended that all electrical equipment be subjected to regular commercial PAT testing to ensure efficiency and optimal safety. Continue reading

Electrical safety is the responsibility of business owners and employees

Electrical appliances in commercial properties need to be electrically tested periodically to ensure they are safe to use and won’t cause harm to anybody in the property. It is the obligation of the business owner to get equipment checked and certified as safe to use. Employees also have a responsibility to their colleagues and anybody else in the property; they should notify managers when issues are found with devices so that people aren’t left unaware of the condition of equipment. Continue reading

Keeping the working environment safe

Regardless of location, it is important to maintain maximum levels of safety in any environment that uses electrical equipment. When electrical appliances are used regularly, it is inevitable that they will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Safety in the workplace is of the highest importance and it is essential to ensure your electrical appliances are functioning correctly and meeting all health and safety regulations. Continue reading

Understanding and planning for electrical hazards

When you work with or close to electrical equipment, it is important to take health and safety into account. You need to have the right practices in place to minimise the risk of an accident, including understanding the hazards, deciding how devices should be used, stored and maintained, and action plans in case there is an issue. Business owners are responsible for the safety of everybody on site and need to follow the best practice guidelines. Continue reading